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On February 24th 2022 Russia unprovokingly invaded Ukraine. The war forced 17 million refugees from Ukraine to seek shelter in other countries and be displaced within Ukraine. The world hasn’t seen a humanitarian crisis in such scale since World War 2, when 11 million refugees sought shelter and means of survival. This page collects unique articles to highlight the truth of Russian War In Ukraine.

Your gift can save a life, give hope and be an active purpose to help those in need.


Captured Ukrainian soldier was shot for saying "Slava Ukraini!"

Shot for saying “Glory To Ukraine”

March 6, 2023, Ukraine. A unique video filmed by a Russian soldier in Ukraine. Video was obtained by a Ukrainian ...
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Captured Russian Soldier Reveals his task

Captured Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine reveals his task

UKRAINE. A captured soldier was interviewed by a Ukrainian reporter. A question was asked about a rumor that the Russians ...
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Putin's Father supported Nazis

Putin’s father was a Nazi collaborator

The first from the left in the photo is Lieutenant Vladimir PUTIN, and the other two in Cossack caps are ...
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Ukrainians are forced to Russia

More than 5600 Ukrainian children were forced to Russia

"As of today several hundred thousands of Ukrainians were forcefully deported to the Russian Federation. The official data by the ...
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Ulyanov - No Mercy To Ukrainian Population

“No Mercy to Ukrainian Population”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asks Austria to Declare the Russian Diplomat Persona Non Grata. In a recent "tweet" ...
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47 year old laywer was shot in Bucha

47 old lawyer was shot in Bucha

On March 17, 2022,the 47 year old father together with his 14 year old son took a bicycle trip to ...
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Russians use cocaine

Russian army uses illegal drugs

A video filmed by a russian soldier showing a soldier is snorting a substance, probably cocaine. HELP REFUGEES ...
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Russians commit war crimes

A video filmed by one of the russian soldiers in Ukraine depicting how they threw their captives into the industrial ...
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Driving through Severodonetsk

A couple of friends took a drive to see their old apartment building in Severodonetsk. All they have found is ...
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Children are killed in Ukraine

Russia killed almost 400 children in Ukraine

984 children are wounded as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine. 344 died from direct hits or heavy injuries ...
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