Captured Ukrainian soldier was shot for saying "Slava Ukraini!"

Shot for saying “Glory To Ukraine”

March 6, 2023, Ukraine.

A unique video filmed by a Russian soldier in Ukraine. Video was obtained by a Ukrainian blogger from a Russian blog showing a Ukrainian captured soldier standing smoking. When a Russian soldier said: “I’m filming now”, the Ukrainian hero said: “Slava Ukraini!” (translation form Ukrainian: “Glory To Ukraine!”). After which another Russian soldier started shooting at the Ukrainian from a machine gun, yelling: “Die,!”.

This criminal act goes against Geneva conventions and reaction is followed by the Ukrainian government. They said that these kind of war criminal acts are widly practiced by russians, and promoted in Russia backing by its propaganda about so-called “nazis in Ukraine”.

“Killing a captured soldier – another example of Russian crimes and disregard to any laws and accords. Every such criminal acts is documented and noone in Russia will get away with it” – said Yermak, the speaker of Ukrainian president’s office.

Many bloggers, including The Daily Truth are distributing this video to a wider western audience help them see through Russian propaganda in the west.

Watch the video:


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