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Shot for saying “Glory To Ukraine”

March 6, 2023, Ukraine. A unique video filmed by a Russian soldier in Ukraine. Video was obtained by a Ukrainian blogger from a Russian blog showing a Ukrainian captured soldier standing smoking. When a Russian soldier said: “I’m filming now”, the Ukrainian hero said: “Slava Ukraini!” (translation form Ukrainian: “Glory To Ukraine!”). After which another […]

Captured Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine reveals his task

UKRAINE. A captured soldier was interviewed by a Ukrainian reporter. A question was asked about a rumor that the Russians were ordered not to take Ukrainian prisoners. When a correspondent asked if its true that the command was: “shoot everyone, don’t take prisoners”? The Russian replied: “Yes, we were told to shoot everyone”. The reporter […]

Putin’s father was a Nazi collaborator

The first from the left in the photo is Lieutenant Vladimir PUTIN, and the other two in Cossack caps are Major FROLOV and Lieutenant MYKHALCHEVSKY. Vladimir Spiridonovich PUTIN, the father of the current President of Ruzzia Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN, was an officer of the internal troops of the NKVD (later KGB and current FSB) until […]

More than 5600 Ukrainian children were forced to Russia

“As of today several hundred thousands of Ukrainians were forcefully deported to the Russian Federation. The official data by the National Information Bureau shows that more than 5600 children were identified and who were forced to deport to Russia. The number of the deported children is likely much higher.” – says the Deputy chair of […]

Russians commit war crimes

A video filmed by one of the russian soldiers in Ukraine depicting how they threw their captives into the industrial shaft 50 meters deep. In the video the soldiers remember how they threw Ukrainian captives, some of them are chechen who fight on the Ukrainian site, were thrown into the shaft.