47 year old laywer was shot in Bucha

47 old lawyer was shot in Bucha

On March 17, 2022,the 47 year old father together with his 14 year old son took a bicycle trip to Bucha city hall (a suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine). They were stopped by a occupied Russian army’s checkpoint. One of the Russian soldiers started to shoot. The survived son Yuriy tells the story: “We told them that we didn’t have any weapons… Dad turned his head towards me, and at that moment they shot him… They shot him twice in the chest, straight into his heart. Then he fell”.

47 year old laywer was shot in Bucha
47 year old laywer was shot in Bucha

Yuriy says that after they shot his dad, the Russian soldier shot his left hand. The teenager fell, and then the Russian soldier shot into his shoulder. When the boy was laying on his stomach, the Russian made another shot, aiming into the boys head. The bullet went through the hood (the boy was wearing a hoodie) and missed the child. After that, the Russian soldier shot already dead father one more time, the boy recalls.

The body of the killed father, Ruslan Nechiporenko, was buried the next day. The wife Alla buried him in their backyard, close to their house.

The family survived by his three children and wife.



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