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Putin’s father was a Nazi collaborator

The first from the left in the photo is Lieutenant Vladimir PUTIN, and the other two in Cossack caps are Major FROLOV and Lieutenant MYKHALCHEVSKY. Vladimir Spiridonovich PUTIN, the father of the current President of Ruzzia Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN, was an officer of the internal troops of the NKVD (later KGB and current FSB) until […]

More than 5600 Ukrainian children were forced to Russia

“As of today several hundred thousands of Ukrainians were forcefully deported to the Russian Federation. The official data by the National Information Bureau shows that more than 5600 children were identified and who were forced to deport to Russia. The number of the deported children is likely much higher.” – says the Deputy chair of […]

“No Mercy to Ukrainian Population”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asks Austria to Declare the Russian Diplomat Persona Non Grata. In a recent “tweet” the Russian ambassador to Austria Ulyanov urged “no mercy to Ukrainian population”. The Austrian foreign ministry replied: “We are appalled by the inhumane declaration by the Russian ambassador… We defend the freedom of speech. But […]

47 old lawyer was shot in Bucha

On March 17, 2022,the 47 year old father together with his 14 year old son took a bicycle trip to Bucha city hall (a suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine). They were stopped by a occupied Russian army’s checkpoint. One of the Russian soldiers started to shoot. The survived son Yuriy tells the story: “We told them […]

Russians commit war crimes

A video filmed by one of the russian soldiers in Ukraine depicting how they threw their captives into the industrial shaft 50 meters deep. In the video the soldiers remember how they threw Ukrainian captives, some of them are chechen who fight on the Ukrainian site, were thrown into the shaft.

Driving through Severodonetsk

A couple of friends took a drive to see their old apartment building in Severodonetsk. All they have found is ruins and more ruins. Some buildings were cut on half, twice. Grocery stores, schools, apartment building are now rubble. There are people under the rubble, but russians refuse to rescue them. The smell is unbearable. […]

Russia killed almost 400 children in Ukraine

984 children are wounded as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine. 344 died from direct hits or heavy injuries. In the recent days, the number of people injured as a result of rocket fire in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky district of the Odesa region on July 1 has increased. Later, it became known that one more […]

Russian ballistic missile hit Odesa port

Four ballistic Russian missile that were fired from a submarine in the Black Sea hit Odesa seaport. Two missiles were destroyed by Ukrainian military forces, but hit the port. The missiles hit the oil pump. Even though a day earlier, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and UN have signed an agreement to secure a corridor for Ukrainian […]