Vlad De Briansky: Dreamland (CD)(Released:2022)


This is a fresh release of DREAMLAND album on a CD in 2022.

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“Soothing, rich, and warm. I don’t think I ever heard a Tele sound so sweet.” – Steve Vai, guitarist

When COVID-19 canceled touring plans in 2020, Vlad had decided to record this unique album. Since all air travel was on hold, Vlad couldn’t get back to California from Ukraine, where he had a opened a music school. Having just his Telecaster by his side, the DREAMLAND album was born. It features slide guitar playing on Eva Blue, fusion phrasing of ZigZag and a lot of blues guitar throughout. Tracks “Taken” and “Because of You” were in Top 40 radio plays around the world, “Love Attack” was included as the best of Rock Blues of 2020 and the album has reached number 1 spot on iTunes blues downloads in various countries around the globe. The album was released digitally in 2020, and this is a fresh release on a CD in 2022.

Track listing:

1. Eva Blue

2. Transcendence

3. ZigZag

4. Because Of You

5. Drained

6. October

7. For You

8. Love Attack

9. Taken

10. Remember?



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